Summer in Trentino

A beautiful season that is charged with...excitement!

We simply can’t choose an adjective other than "exciting" to define summer in Trentino. A concept that distils the thousand facets of a stay that takes on the notes of a melody to make the heart and the spirit soar. The opportunities offered in summer, with the backdrop of the Brenta Dolomites and on the sparkling shores of Lake Molveno, are endless. Get ready for moments of pure discovery and absolute fun! Whether you are riding a bike or on foot, the mountain paths will unveil the awesome beauty of truly pristine nature. Or, you can opt for the relaxation of the manicured lawns of the fully equipped lido, a veritable "green beach" of 5 hectares around our lake: immersed in emerald nature, you can enjoy a refreshing drink, and enjoy the freedom to try your hand at a myriad of exciting water sports...

Check out our exciting Activity programme that will enhance your holiday with wonder and fun from June until September.

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