Yoga and holistic wellness in Trentino

Your mindful experience

Proper breathing and direct contact with nature are the basis for a healthy life: they improve blood oxygenation and eliminate stress. So we offer free yoga classes as well as muscle awakening sessions in the morning, to harmonize your energies and face the day with energy. In addition, every Friday it is possible to take part in the regenerating experience of a nature bath accompanied by a qualified guide (booking required, payment required): an immersion in the Adamello-Brenta Park woods to purify the body and revitalise the senses.

NEW! Nature bathing with Aurora

When: every Friday; from 13:30 to 16:00 (by reservation before 17:00 on Thursday; from 2 to 8 participants, € 25 per person)

Where: in the snowy forest and along the Rio Massò stream

How: wear suitable warm clothing, gloves and hat recommended

What: body awakening techniques in the silence of nature; hot drink and final pampering by the Belvedere

Who: with Aurora, CONI/CSEN qualified guide for this holistic practice

Why: inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku, forest therapy, suitable for all ages, you are invited to reconnect with the surrounding environment by involving the five sense. It produces scientifically proven benefits