Gourmet restaurant in Molveno

"The Pearl of the Lake"

The philosophy of our restaurant - expertly guided by starred chef Diego Rigotti - is to revisit the recipes of the local tradition in an innovative way, enhancing the menu with proposals from regional cuisine based on selected ingredients. Each dish is created to be delicious, but above all to convey an emotion: here, every dish is created with the mind and cooked with the heart, turning into a sublime sensorial journey. Our daily goal: to help guests have a memorable culinary experience.


Our restaurant is also open for lunch and dinner to external guests, who can enjoy dishes ordered à la carte in one of the cosy dining rooms and, in summer, also on the lake-view terrace.

à la carte menu
"Creating with the mind, cooking with the heart."

His culinary ethos – a recipe of humility and prestige, local flavours and creativity – reflects his life’s path. His passion sparked in the kitchen with his grandmother; he honed his technique with masters like Carlo Cracco. Born in 1984, Diego Rigotti earned a Michelin star in 2014, becoming the youngest starred chef in Italy, and, in the same year, represented Italy at the Bocuse d'Or, the world’s most prestigious gastronomic competition. Since 2016, he has been head chef at Belvedere, consistently raising the bar of excellence. Some of his creations include Sottobosco, a sweet interpretation of the forest floor, and Genesis of the Strudel.