A holiday in Molveno between the lake and the mountains

Wonderful contrasts

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but in Molveno it is a fact: the lake has won numerous awards as the most beautiful in Italy and the Brenta Dolomites have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List for years. Here, from the rocks to the beach is a moment: you can walk with your hiking boots on in the morning and relax at the beach in the afternoon. Even in winter, you can choose whether to whiz along the Paganella slopes or enjoy the whitewashed nature in the muffled silence of the forest. Finally, for those who want to discover more about the history and traditions of the area during their holidays, sites of great interest are Napoleon's Forts and the recently restored ancient Venetian sawmill Taialaqua. How to enjoy your holiday in Molveno? The choice is yours!

Sensations for every season
Experiences for all tastes
Enchanting holiday hues
What to do at Lake Molveno in autumn?

The rustling leaves, the gentle breeze, the unhurried pace, the bountiful harvest, the vibrant hues of the foliage... Autumn offers a sensory feast. Its quintessential setting resides in the forest, ablaze with warm nuances. Do you know about the Paganella foliage map? Starting in Molveno, we suggest leisurely trips to Lake Nembia or the quaint hamlets of Moline and Deggia, passing by the Madonna of Caravaggio Sanctuary. In addition, you can explore charming villages like San Lorenzo in Dorsino, hailed among Italy's most exquisite, and partake in festive celebrations honouring seasonal flavours, such as wine.

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