Beauty and emotions don't need masks...

"We will enjoy with our hearts, what we can now only admire with our eyes" R. Leo

Dear friends,

We hope that these words of ours will find you healthy and with high morale despite the difficult period. As you well know, in fact, we are facing one of the most difficult challenges of our time. And while everything stands still, spring has returned to make us sigh with its beauty through light and pervasive breezes, through that gentle metamorphosis that transforms buds into flowers, through the graceful formation of birds in search of blades of grass and twigs to create a cosy nest.

Mother Nature that follows her course is a wonderful sight and, indeed, after these weeks of forced enclosure, has returned more splendid and vibrant than ever.

We confess that, like you, we look forward to enjoying it fully in the open air, in the woods, on silent peaks of magnificence or on walking and cycling paths, accompanied only by the beating of your heart and rhythm of the pedals. The horizon is your destination.

Waiting for this and, above all, to welcome you back, we are preparing everything for our reopening. It will be wonderful to see you cross the threshold of our resort because it will mean that we have regained that much desired normality, that irrepressible joy in being able to do our job; the same joy we will feel when we can say to you: "Yes, today we will reopen".

In the meantime, we've made substantial changes to our cancellation policy, making it more guest-friendly than ever! Read on to find out more.

Before saying goodbye, we would like to wish you and your loved ones well. We would also be extremely pleased to receive your news. So if you have some time, write to us.

Oh, one last thing: stay strong and don’t forget your desire for freedom because here with us, you will have many things to do.
A thousand and one sensations to try...

With warm regards,

Giordani Family
with all the team

The new Belvedere cancellation policy
Even more guest-friendly, even more value and... without a deposit!
Book your summer vacation now in complete serenity because we will not require advance payments up to 15 days before the arrival date and you can cancel your stay up to 7 days before without any penalty!

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